Second Ears

Second Ears

UI, UX & Identity

Working alongside the Cancer Experiences Research (CER) team, patient advocates, and clinicians we created an iOS application to enhance the patient experience received at Peter Mac. Patients have a number of consultations that contribute to their overall treatment, often involving important information that they need to remember. So clinicians suggest to bring a "second pair of ears" for these consultations. However in some cases patients aren't able to bring a family member or carer, and that's where the Second Ears app aims to help.

Patients are able to record conversations with their clinicians, write notes about a consultation, and playback these recordings at any time. This means they won't forget important details about their treatment, but can also playback or digitally share these recordings with family and carers – particularly helpful for patients who speak English as a second language.

The design incorporates important accessibility features as patients can be of any age, but are particularly an older demographic. It also uses patients' device language settings to accommodate every patient at Peter Mac.

Designed for Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
Completed at Wave Digital